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Staring at a different ocean


Sometimes, it’s boring to look at the same old ocean. Soon, I will have the opportunity to look at a different ocean. It will be a colder, grayer, dirtier and more poisonous ocean, but it will look different anyway. The change will be nice.

It’s interesting to think about the fact that all of the oceans on this planet are connected together, that you could move through that collective body of water and traverse 75 percent of this planet’s surface area.

More slave labor


I just spent another day in the yard, cutting out a stump. I also cut out a huge amount of dirt. Now we have to get more dirt.

I like yardwork, but I hate doing it in the heat.


Hillary Clinton seals her fate by declaring her anti-gun intentions


Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently vowed to use executive action (i.e., presidential memorandums) to impose more gun control, if she is elected President of the United States.

Her stance today is quite different from the allegedly pro-gun stance that she adopted during her 2008 bid for the Presidency.

Apparently Clinton does not care if she alienates the roughly 100 million gun owners in the United States. And apparently she has forgotten what happened to the Democrat members of Congress¬†who voted for the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 – they were voted out in a landslide, handing control of both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate to the Republicans in November 1994. This event was later dubbed “the Republican Revolution.” Even her own husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, warned Democrats as recently as 2013 that emphasizing gun control is an election-loser.

I’m glad Hillary Clinton is emphasizing gun control in her campaign. It will help ensure her defeat in 2016.

Cake, “Tougher Than It Is”


This is the theme song for the current cultural fad of victimhood.

Family is an excuse to treat people badly, part 2


I am watching a friend be treated badly by her family. It is only a family by marriage, but still. They don’t understand etiquette, while she does, and she enforces it. This displeases them, so they’re not talking to her.

I’m not sure whether this bothers her or not. I think it does. I know it does not bother me. Communication is an effort, and I’m not very good at it. So if someone gives me the silent treatment, I seldom notice. If I do notice, I ignore it. Eventually they either relent and start talking again, or they go away. Either way, it’s their problem, not mine.

I think my friend will discover that life is more pleasant without unpleasant family trying to inflict pain on her. The silent treatment works to her advantage, in my opinion.

We’ll see if she agrees.

Google drops the pretense and admits that it is evil


I’m glad Google stopped pretending it’s not evil.

The Pointer Sisters, “Automatic”


The Pointer Sisters are stuck in my heads today. You will suffer too.


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