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Shuffling off to Buffalo


Friends of ours came over for a last meal together before they shuffle off to the northeast. They keep three or four houses, and they shuttle back and forth every year. It seems wasteful to me, especially because they are not wealthy enough to keep the houses in proper shape without renting them out in the seasons during which they are not there. I could not stand to rent out my living space to someone else. My space is my own, and there are many fragile and/or dangerous things in my space. I like to keep them intact, which means that I would not be able to rent out my space. Besides, humans are so dirty, shedding skin cells and hair everywhere they go. It turns my stomachs to think about it.

[I recently heard about a story where an Airbnb renter found out that the lessee of his rented apartment had died of a drug overdose. He found out via social media. Very strange.]

Anyway, our friends will not be back for awhile. Maybe we will see them up north this year, if we go visit.

Loverboy, “Turn Me Loose”


Stuck in my heads today. You must suffer too.

Water balance


As usual, I had a crisis on a holiday weekend. The frail body I operate had had an incorrect water balance for a long time, which caused severe pain. A quick visit to a mechanic sorted it out, but there are longer-lasting repercussions which will take time to resolve.

It has been an interesting weekend. And I will have to drink more water than I’m used to, from now on.

ABBA, “Does Your Mother Know”


Stuck in my heads today. You must suffer too.

“Mad Men” ends, and see how many people didn’t care


Whiny urban liberals in the media have been moaning about the end of the “Mad Men” television series for weeks now.  Finally it ended Sunday May 17. I did not watch. I have never watched the show. The culture of the 1960s does not interest me, and advertising people generally are of a similar evolutionary level as lawyers and journalists … that is, they are pond scum. So watching a show about 1960s advertising people seems pointless. Especially because most advertising has no real effect on anyone.

Apparently a lot of other people thought so too. Because the last episode of “Mad Men” was trounced resoundingly in the ratings by a rerun of “I Love Lucy.”

I think that’s funny.

Many happy returns


An acquaintance has begun having “episodes.” That’s British for “heart attack.” It’s not his first encounter with such issues. He had some very large number of bypasses more than a decade ago, and he adopted a super-healthy lifestyle. So the last decade has been a gift, really. He has been living on borrowed time.

Now he’s having heart attacks again. Mechanics have had to resuscitate him at least three times. If he has any memory of what transpired while he was dead, he isn’t saying.

We visited him in the hospital and brought him a “get well” card. Darling wife asked me what we should write in it.

“Many happy returns,” I suggested, especially if the mechanics have to keep shocking him back to life. Darling wife thought that was tasteless. But when we told him we had considered writing it in the card, he laughed long and hard. He wished we had done it.

Oh well, at least he got the joke.

Don’t shoot the messenger, part 2


I gave a customer some bad news last week. To ease the pain, I worked up three scenarios:

  1. The one they wanted, which is not possible
  2. Another they didn’t want, which is better
  3. Another they wanted even less, which is best

As I spoke to them, it became clear that they had already contemplated the less-desirable scenarios, and they agreed with my conclusions. So that was a nice surprise.

I doubt they will want me to help them work toward any of their possible scenarios. I wished them luck, but said that if they stick with scenario 1, I would be happy to be left out of it, because no one volunteers for a kamikaze mission, especially me. They laughed.

I reminded them of three other things to know, regardless of what happens on their project:

  1. All’s well that ends.
  2. It’s just work.
  3. No one will die.

They appreciated that.


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