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New mission


I start a new mission next week, doing slightly different things but similar to what I’m used to doing. I’ll be making more local currency than I ever have before, but I also have to live there five days a week and work standard hours. So there are drawbacks, but at least it’s a mission.

How to subscribe to a newspaper


Darling wife wanted to know what was going on in our tiny jungle community, so she decided to subscribe to the local newspaper. We have subscribed before, but dropped it because there honestly is not that much going on in our tiny jungle community.

But she decided to subscribe again, and she was billed for it.

We received exactly one newspaper. No paper came for the next four delivery days.

Finally I called and complained. “Oh, your route carrier is sick, and we’ve been using some substitutes,” the woman said. She said she would make sure our paper resumed delivery. She didn’t volunteer to issue a refund for the dates the paper was not delivered, so I asked for that too.

The next delivery date came and went, with no newspaper. I discussed the issue with darling wife, and we decided to cancel the newspaper again, since the circulation office didn’t seem that interested in delivering it. So I called and canceled it, and the refund posted to my account.

Now the newspaper is being delivered regularly, at no charge. I don’t understand it, but perhaps this is one of the reasons that newspapers are dying in the United States; they don’t deliver it when you pay for it, and they do deliver it when you don’t pay for it.

We’ll see how long they keep delivering it for free.


I’m fine with #OscarsSoWhite


Black Hollywood people are manufacturing outrage that no black films or black actors made it into the list of nominees for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Racist “director” Spike Lee started the Twitter hashtag #OscarsSoWhite as a protest, and both Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith say they will boycott the awards ceremony (mainly because they aren’t up for any awards, says I).

Maybe, just maybe, there are no black nominees this year because black people didn’t create or act in any noteworthy films this year. Take, for example a film like “Straight Outta Compton,” a “documentary” about the gangsta rap group NWA, which black racists insist should have been an Oscar nominee this year. Who would bother to see that film? Only black people, who at last count made up 13 percent of the US population, and who make up about .4 percent of Hollywood (from which the Academy Award jurists are picked). And of that Hollywood subset, they had better like gangsta rap. So basically you have narrowed down the Academy support for that movie to perhaps 10 people. Sure, the movie made $160 million, mostly through repeat business of a small hardcore fan base of young black people. But if box office receipts are supposed to be a factor, you’re at the wrong awards ceremony. Oscar picks are usually unpopular with the masses; Oscar winners usually appeal only to snooty Academy jurists who like dark, depressing films.

Remember, diversity equals failure. For black people to insist on “diversity” in the Academy Awards is to insist on reserving a number of slots for black people and black films, no matter how unworthy they are. We already have “diversity” quotas in government hiring and in college admissions, and it’s pretty obvious how well THAT has turned out (for the uninformed, it has turned out badly). Besides, black people already have their own movie awards. They are called the Black Movie Awards (the BMAs). I don’t see white people whining that they’re not included in the BMAs. But if black racists like Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith are going to complain about black people not being on the Oscar nominee lists, I think it’s only fair for white people to begin demanding access to BMA nominations.

In the name of “diversity,” of course.


The North Bunker


I think I have a new assignment. If so, I will need to find a new bunker to operate from. We’ll call it the North Bunker, or Bunker B, as opposed to the current South Bunker or Bunker A.

Changes are afoot. We will see what happens.

It’s all in the math


As I get older, it becomes more and more obvious to me that all things happen for a reason, because all things are interconnected. Sometimes the connections are obvious, like losing a job and finding a better one. Sometimes the connections are less obvious, like several people being injured or killed in a crash, and the survivors’ lives changing in ways they never imagined, meeting new people, discovering new paths, influencing other people in turn. Every event is like a ripple moving through the fluid of reality, affecting everyone in the vicinity, and sometimes affecting people thousands or millions of kilometers away.

The universe moves in predictable, mathematical ways, even though many events are unpredictable in and of themselves. The causes of events are often seemingly random, but their effects are easier to identify, once you know what to look for. Everything happens for a reason, and usually the reasons make mathematical sense. If you can’t see the reason, it doesn’t mean it’s not there, it just means that you haven’t connected all the dots.

I’m looking forward to connecting more dots. The picture becomes clearer all the time. I just hope I have enough time to understand what the picture is supposed to be.



DEVO, “Through Being Cool”


I have always liked this tune. The electronic Linn drums that the late Devo drummer Alan White used on the “New Traditionalists” album were always my favorite.

Babylon 5


One of my favorite television shows is Babylon 5 (1994-1998). It was a great show, wonderfully written, with decent special effects, sets, clothing and makeup (despite the series’ relatively low budget). The best part of the show is the long story arcs, the detailed character development, and the overall portrayal of life on a space station filled with a variety of alien species. Personally, I prefer Babylon 5 to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, just because I think the writing was better. There was something to like about most of the Babylon 5 characters, while most of the DS9 characters (with the exception of Quark, Rom and Odo) left me cold.

Warner Brothers Studios owns the rights to the Babylon 5 series, and for whatever reason, they no longer broadcast it in the United States, so I have not seen it in more than 12 years. The series has been broadcast often in various overseas markets, and is available on DVD.

Darling wife got me the DVDs for Christmas. So now I get to watch them all again. It’s wonderful.

At the 2014 ComiCon, series creator and writer J. Michael Straczynski announced that production would begin in 2016 on a film which would serve as a reboot of the Babylon 5 series. I can find no other information about it, so presumably such plans are postponed. It would be nice if such a movie happened.


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