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It’s quiet. Too quiet.


Yes, it has been quiet here in the jungle. Mostly because I have not actually been here. I have been traveling all over the northwestern quadrant of this planet, doing little missions here and there, four to six weeks at a time. It’s been nice, because it was very boring to sit in my concrete bunker in the jungle heat, which is what I did for much of 2017. Which explains why I was quiet in 2017, because there was little to report. 2018 has been excessively busy, which explains why I am quiet now.

Life has been good though. This body is aging, and is less reliable than it used to be, which can be annoying. Also, a huge algae bloom in the Gulf of Mexico has caused a yearlong outbreak of “red tide,” which is a combination of decaying algae, dead sea life, and a bacterial neurotoxin released by the algae, which helps kill more sea life, and also makes the atmosphere near the Gulf coast almost unbreathable. This has encouraged me to spend as little time in the jungle as possible, to maximize my already-impaired breathing ability by being as far north and west as possible.

I see that WordPress has updated its editor. That’s nice, but unnecessary. Of course, WordPress has to keep its programmers busy, lest they start developing viruses like Stuxnet for fun. Idle hands.

I discovered how my camera got broken – darling wife dropped it. I thanked her for doing it shortly before the warranty expired, because it was fixed at no cost to me. Now I hide it so she cannot find it and drop it again. I bought her another, more durable camera. She likes it.

I will try to post more often. Thanks for stopping by – I hope you are well!

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