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No news is good news


Because I’m an observer, and I’m not typically integrated with the events on this planet, I tend not to check in very often. Oh, I make the mandatory reports back to the Martian imperial functionaries when they’re due. I wax poetic about people or places or events when it’s required, because it’s my job. But I haven’t done it lately, here. Things have been going well for me. My current mission is smooth and uneventful, dealing with organizations and people from afar, remotely. I have not had to travel much at all, and for that reason, I have little to say and no pictures to show.

I regard the absence of news from others as a positive thing. If I don’t hear from them in a long time, then things must be going well for them. Either that, or they’re dead, in which case things are going well for them, just at a slower pace, without pain.

I forget that some natives on this planet don’t subscribe to that approach. They get irritated with me when I don’t check in with them for a long time. I can understand their point of view, although I don’t internalize it, or feel their irritation. They are perfectly able to contact me, they just don’t. Yet somehow, they think that it’s my responsibility to contact them. They become aggrieved when I don’t. I apologize to them, but I don’t change my behavior. Either they accept it, and they check in with me when they feel it’s time, or they don’t accept it, and they stop talking to me. Either way. Free will, I say to myself.

Lately, the adaptations that were made to this body to enable it to breathe this planet’s atmosphere have not been working as well as they used to. I’ve done some work to make it simpler to breathe, and those modifications are effective, though not as much as I would like. The remaining gap has to be filled with medication, which is available only via the occasional Martian courier run. I don’t like being reliant on medication, because at some point, the supply will always run out. At that point, either I’ll need to restrict what I do with this body, to avoid damaging or destroying it, or I will need to return home. Of course, I’ll do the former, as long as is possible. I like it on this planet. The moisture, the flora and fauna, the colors.

I am planning to travel to the desert a couple of months from now. I expect to take lots of pictures, some of which I will share here.  I have new equipment for that. Barring any catastrophe with storage or transmission, it should be interesting viewing. Interestingly, when I take pictures, I seldom look at them again, because I remember the act of being there and of taking the picture. Until local technology improves radically, photographs will never replace memories.

But they’ll have to do.

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