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I am an alien on this little planet. My task is to observe, analyze and report my experiences with flora and fauna during my assignment here. My assignment may end at any time, but I hope to learn while I’m here.

Thank you for visiting this little log. I hope you’ll come back.

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  1. 2013-12-31T20:31:17-05:00 20:31

    I absolutely agree – ignoring people like this is the very best way to go! Glad to see you are still posting . Hope life is treating you well and you are happy and healthy!


    • 2014-01-07T10:29:15-05:00 10:29

      So nice to hear from you! are you still writing? I need to reconstruct my blog reader – it was deleted in the summer. Happy New Year!


  2. 2013-11-22T18:36:45-05:00 18:36

    I like the title. And i’ve often thought of myself as an Alien. Wrong planet, wrong people. I’m new to your blog. Peace.


  3. 2012-06-20T00:53:25-04:00 00:53

    The ‘lesses’ species should make for interesting observations. I fear you may find the primary species a trifle uncivilised:)


  4. 2011-12-01T00:20:20-05:00 00:20

    Great blog, awesomely crafty writing. You keep every post interesting. Keep it up!


  5. 2011-11-17T17:10:33-05:00 17:10

    First time visitor here … what a great name for an author …. and after one of my fav cartoon characters! Well done … and nice blog.


  6. Judy permalink
    2010-11-15T23:31:44-05:00 23:31

    So it looks like I only subscribe if I write a comment. Nice to stay connected this way.


  7. Judy permalink
    2010-11-15T23:29:39-05:00 23:29

    I finally made it to your new blog! Thanks for following mine. :-)


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