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I saw a corpse today


My Forward Operating Base is near a university. The university is near a low-income neighborhood, with many homeless and/or jobless people. So seeing unkempt people shuffling around is not uncommon.

On the way home today, I saw an unkempt man in his 30s slumped against a tree by the sidewalk. His head drooped on his chest in a way which seemed to indicate that he was dead. I could see no visible wounds, but drugs are rampant in this area, so presumably he had overdosed on something.

Several policemen and paramedics stood in a loose semi-circle around him, talking with each other, waiting for something, presumably an ambulance to take the corpse away. No one attended the man, or paid him any attention. They had arrived too late to save him from his fate.

I wondered for a moment if I would see anything in the news about him. Probably not. People in this area die every day, unmentioned, unknown, and unmourned by anyone except the few people who knew them.

I wonder what his last thoughts were.

  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2016-05-20T08:26:33-04:00 08:26

    “Let me just rest here for a while.”


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