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One day at a time


My current mission is somewhat frustrating. On the one tentacle, it is very chaotic, and the ever-changing priorities and tasks are confusing and irritating. On the other tentacle, we are all learning together, and feeling our way through an unfamiliar software package, trying to implement it. And the nice thing is, although the uninvolved powers-that-be expect a lot of the project, they expect not very much of individual people. So it’s actually fairly relaxed, in a confusing way.

I am learning a lot about working in a dysfunctional organization. I’ve worked in many such organizations, but I have never been so deeply embedded in one, with an unspecified end date. I could stay on this mission as long as I wanted to, I think. And that makes me shudder, because I don’t want to stay on this mission longer than I have to.

I must stay fixated on my goals:

  • Learn new skills while improving my old ones
  • Earn enough local currency to sustain us, since the Martian embassy expects us to embed ourselves in this primitive society and to participate in it.
  • Fulfill this mission for at least one sidereal year.

Everything else is secondary. Other comrades are unhappy, and may abandon the mission to seek less-dysfunctional places and tasks. Some are extra-dedicated to the mission, because they have different goals for themselves.

I am just along for the ride, as long as the ride continues to satisfy my three goals. After one sidereal year, I will re-evaluate. Meanwhile, I take it one day at a time.

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