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Mike Morasky, “The Future Starts With You”


This is one of the songs featured in the video game “Portal 2” as you explore an abandoned underground testing facility after you wake up from 27,000+ years of cryosleep. You hear the decaying computers and machinery in the facility, covered with plant growth: the sawtooth-wave arpeggios of the damaged and malfunctioning machines, counterbalanced by the organic bass flute sound of the giant potatoes and other leafy plants growing upward through the ceiling through multiple floors, reaching for the sunlight far above. Think of it as a tone poem.

In the game, a prerecorded announcement tells you:

“If you are a non-employee who has discovered this facility amid the ruins of civilization, welcome! And remember: testing is the future, and the future starts with you. Good work getting this far, future-starter! That said, if you are simple-minded, old, or irradiated in such a way that the future should not start with you, please return to your primitive tribe and send back someone better-qualified for testing.”

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