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The best days of owning a boat


The best days of owning a boat, the saying goes, is the day you buy it, and the day you sell it. Friends of ours found that out the hard way recently.

He had bought a large offshore boat last year, the make, model and size of which I am unaware, since I have never seen it. He spent a lot of money on it to get it shipshape, and finally he took it out last week, with his wife and several friends.

The weather changed, it began to rain, the seas grew rough, and the motor died. They were 25 km offshore, well out of sight of land. The radio did not work, the GPS did not work, they were out of cellphone range, and they did not have an EPIRB beacon. And they began taking on water in the rough seas as the waves began slopping over the stern.

Some of the passengers began bailing while his wife began to pray. Then his brother pulled out an ancient flip-phone, which had enough punch to make contact with a cellphone tower on land. He called for help, and Sea Tow came to rescue them. They had no idea where to tell Sea Tow to find them, however, until they scrounged up an old handheld GPS unit to provide coordinates.

His wife was furious with him for endangering their lives by being so poorly prepared. She is still furious. To his credit, however, he admitted his mistakes, and he put the boat up for sale today.

The day they sell it will be the best day of boat ownership, for both of them.



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