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A new Forward Operating Base


I am in the process of establishing a new Forward Operating Base to serve my mission in a distant city. I don’t like the idea of having to maintain a main base and an FOB at the same time, because my needs are small; but since I spend so much time at work, it’s necessary to have a base that’s local to work. Hence my new FOB.

It will be interesting to have my own space again, after decades of marriage and sharing the main bunker with darling wife. She’s not thrilled about the idea either, except that it is for a short term, of several months or a couple of years. So eventually I will demolish this FOB and evacuate back to the main base. That gives her comfort.

I will be accruing materiel and supplies for my new FOB in the coming weeks. I don’t need much, but now that it’s certain to be built, darling wife wants to help make the FOB homey. Unfortunately I prefer things spartan and blank. Most of my FOB will be empty space, which is the way I like it. There is no point in filling it with stuff that will simply be jettisoned when my mission is over.

It will take some effort to prevent darling wife from making the FOB too homey.

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