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Time flies like an arrow.


“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”

That aphorism confused me for a long time. I suppose you have to be in the right frames of minds to appreciate it.

Time is flying by, lately. I have been very busy. And I am fighting nerve damage which causes an endless feedback squeal in my right head. It doesn’t impede my hearing, but it is most annoying. There are treatments for it on this planet, but most of them involve expensive instrumentation, electrical voltage, or magnetic fields, none of which would do my other body parts much good. So I am treating it by other means. We’ll see if it works. If it doesn’t, I can always get it fixed on Mars, but that involves an expensive trip, unless I can get the Martian consulate to pay my fare. Which they are unlikely to do for something so trivial.

I have made a friend at work. At least, I think it’s a friend. Probably not. The person is probably just responding positively to my charm, which I use as an effective social lubricant. Charm is useful, as far as it goes, but I don’t intend to form any deep or lasting relationships when I use it. I’m only here for a short time. There’s no point in getting attached. This is also why I don’t keep pets. Darling wife keeps pets, and I enjoy them, but I would not acquire pets if I were by myself. I’m leaving soon. How soon, I don’t know. But I live in the future, not in the now.

And in the future, I am alone.

The way time is flowing by so quickly, that future will arrive sooner than I expect.

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