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Really, I haven’t said anything all week?


Apparently I haven’t said anything all week here in this mission log. I have been busy immersing myself in my new tasks. It’s been fun. I am learning new things and enjoying my new challenges. It’s quite a change from the past several decades.

The jungle is getting hotter again, which means that it will be difficult to do yardwork after the next few weeks. Luckily we have burnt and slashed everything to the ground, so the vegetation should require very little maintenance for the next six months. Also, we have not one, not two, but three baby gopher tortoises (torti) living on our lot. Two of them share the same burrow, which is unusual. It’s wonderful to see them, because for the last several months, the tortoise population has been zero.

A relative is passing through at some point this month. We may see it, we may not. It’s busy and so are we. If we see it, fine. If we don’t, fine. Martians are not very interested in relatives. We’re all clones, so it’s not like it’s anyone really new and interesting. And of course it won’t make a real effort to stop by. Perhaps we’ll trade messages, ships passing in the night.

Meanwhile, at work, I have met a co-worker who is also an alien, but who has been assigned an entirely different body to wear here on this planet, from a different laboratory and a different genetic line than mine. It’s interesting to see the differences, yet the similarities between us.

My efforts to sleep more are not meeting with much success. Perhaps I should try to do more, to make myself more tired.

Another week is ended. They are moving past so quickly. That’s the sign that things are going well.

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