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The ever-changing menagerie


One of our ancient cats is slowly failing, starving to death. He is senile, so he forgets to eat, and if you’ve had pets, you know you cannot force them to eat. But darling wife recently started giving him pain medication for a limp he had developed, and he started eating again, so perhaps whatever pain he was in was hurting his appetite. He may live longer than I thought.

Meanwhile, we have a female stray tabby cat who lives in the front yard. She sleeps all day and sits up all night. She is always at the door when darling wife goes outside. Wife has begun feeding the cat and inviting her into the front porch. She is skittish but becoming more trusting in a very gradual progression. We may wind up trapping her and bringing her inside.

And another cat, a brown striped male, has taken up residence on our lot. He is not feral, because he wants to be near our other cats on the back porch. I chased him away because our cats were fighting each other since they could not get to him, but darling wife talks to him. She may trap him and bring him inside as well at some point.

And two baby gopher tortoises have taken up residence in the front yard, trying to occupy the same burrow that one of them dug. They seem to take turns occupying the hole. One of them has since dug another burrow in the back yard. After a year of no tortoises on our property, now we have two. We are very lucky.

  1. 2016-03-06T12:02:56-05:00 12:02

    Hope he’s doing better soon. Dee


    • 2016-03-08T21:32:02-05:00 21:32

      Well, at least he’s not in pain anymore. So I guess that’s better. He didn’t want to go though… I wish I had been there to say goodbye, but darling wife had to do it.


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