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Corporate idiocy


My new mission is very interesting and challenging. I enjoy it, and I’m more mentally stimulated than I have been in years.

The project timeline is very aggressive. During my interview, the hiring manager discussed the timeline, with more than a trace of dismay. I mentioned that most projects take twice as long and cost three times as much as they were originally estimated. She did not say anything at the time, but I could tell that she agreed.

Last week the deadlines were of paramount importance, and everyone was instructed to put in as much overtime as they could. So they did.

Apparently the overtime charges annoyed someone in management, who asked why all the overtime was being billed. The answer was, the timelines are aggressive and we are trying to meet them. Shortly thereafter, the timelines began to shift and morph, stretching out and growing thinner, with fewer deliverables to achieve. Then management decreed that everyone would be capped at 40 hours. If a worker reaches 40 hours before the end of the week, s/he can leave early. (This is better than some projects I have been on, where management decreed that everyone must work overtime but only be paid for 40 hours.)

I am leaving early this week.

  1. Stephanie permalink
    2016-02-27T14:54:00-05:00 14:54

    I leave early every day now….. :)


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