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How to subscribe to a newspaper


Darling wife wanted to know what was going on in our tiny jungle community, so she decided to subscribe to the local newspaper. We have subscribed before, but dropped it because there honestly is not that much going on in our tiny jungle community.

But she decided to subscribe again, and she was billed for it.

We received exactly one newspaper. No paper came for the next four delivery days.

Finally I called and complained. “Oh, your route carrier is sick, and we’ve been using some substitutes,” the woman said. She said she would make sure our paper resumed delivery. She didn’t volunteer to issue a refund for the dates the paper was not delivered, so I asked for that too.

The next delivery date came and went, with no newspaper. I discussed the issue with darling wife, and we decided to cancel the newspaper again, since the circulation office didn’t seem that interested in delivering it. So I called and canceled it, and the refund posted to my account.

Now the newspaper is being delivered regularly, at no charge. I don’t understand it, but perhaps this is one of the reasons that newspapers are dying in the United States; they don’t deliver it when you pay for it, and they do deliver it when you don’t pay for it.

We’ll see how long they keep delivering it for free.


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