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It’s all in the math


As I get older, it becomes more and more obvious to me that all things happen for a reason, because all things are interconnected. Sometimes the connections are obvious, like losing a job and finding a better one. Sometimes the connections are less obvious, like several people being injured or killed in a crash, and the survivors’ lives changing in ways they never imagined, meeting new people, discovering new paths, influencing other people in turn. Every event is like a ripple moving through the fluid of reality, affecting everyone in the vicinity, and sometimes affecting people thousands or millions of kilometers away.

The universe moves in predictable, mathematical ways, even though many events are unpredictable in and of themselves. The causes of events are often seemingly random, but their effects are easier to identify, once you know what to look for. Everything happens for a reason, and usually the reasons make mathematical sense. If you can’t see the reason, it doesn’t mean it’s not there, it just means that you haven’t connected all the dots.

I’m looking forward to connecting more dots. The picture becomes clearer all the time. I just hope I have enough time to understand what the picture is supposed to be.



  1. Sweetie pie permalink
    2016-01-10T12:23:57-05:00 12:23

    I love Abraham teachings…


    • 2016-01-12T18:03:33-05:00 18:03

      Excellent video! I am familiar with this practice, but I know it as visualization. Visualize what you want to happen, and actively work toward it. Believe that it will happen, and it will.


      • Sweetie pie permalink
        2016-01-16T09:54:10-05:00 09:54

        Yeah, Trying to get used to the buffer of time in between visualization and manifestation though…. You gotta keep at it constantly….


      • 2016-01-19T22:12:16-05:00 22:12

        Yes, and sometimes that time lag exceeds your lifespan. ;-)


  2. Sweetie pie permalink
    2016-01-10T12:16:02-05:00 12:16

    I would change the last phrase to: “I will take the time to imagine how I want my picture to be.”.


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