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Babylon 5


One of my favorite television shows is Babylon 5 (1994-1998). It was a great show, wonderfully written, with decent special effects, sets, clothing and makeup (despite the series’ relatively low budget). The best part of the show is the long story arcs, the detailed character development, and the overall portrayal of life on a space station filled with a variety of alien species. Personally, I prefer Babylon 5 to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, just because I think the writing was better. There was something to like about most of the Babylon 5 characters, while most of the DS9 characters (with the exception of Quark, Rom and Odo) left me cold.

Warner Brothers Studios owns the rights to the Babylon 5 series, and for whatever reason, they no longer broadcast it in the United States, so I have not seen it in more than 12 years. The series has been broadcast often in various overseas markets, and is available on DVD.

Darling wife got me the DVDs for Christmas. So now I get to watch them all again. It’s wonderful.

At the 2014 ComiCon, series creator and writer J. Michael Straczynski announced that production would begin in 2016 on a film which would serve as a reboot of the Babylon 5 series. I can find no other information about it, so presumably such plans are postponed. It would be nice if such a movie happened.

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