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OMD, “Final Song”


This song has been stuck in my heads for a week. Mostly because of the scratchy breath used as a rhythmic element in the beginning, and for the lovely female solo from Kurt Weill’s 1946 opera, “Street Scene,” in the middle of the song. According to YouTube comments, the soloist is Claudia Brücken, who used to work with (and live with) OMD co-founder Paul Humphreys, hence her presence on the OMD album “English Electric” (2013), from whence this tune originates. But I think the soloist in this song sounds more like Shirley Bassey. Brücken’s voice is much lighter and less brassy than the example here. Perhaps the soloist is June Christy, who did a version of the tune in 1953. I’m not sure.

Bring out the dead when the plague has gone
Toll the bell for the silent one
Kicking the dark that has done no wrong
Spitting the words to the final song

Break all the bones of the dying man
Drink the blood from the poison can
Singing in the dark when the crowd has gone
The empty words of the final song

Burn the pins and the voodoo doll
Dripping lies and vitriol
Cursing the years that you stayed too long
Singing the words of the final song

At night when everything is quiet
The old house seems to breathe a sigh
Lonely house
Lonely me

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