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My agency folded yesterday. There was no work coming in, and our leader was unable to obtain work for us. So now we are all free agents. It was not unexpected; we knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when.

It’s a relief, actually. One of my fellow agents was feeling guilty about his plans to leave on his own, thinking it would damage the agency. I reassured him that it was dying already, and any damage we caused by leaving was incidental. Luckily the closure makes our quitting a moot point. And we get to file for unemployment, though that is merely a pittance that won’t even pay for health insurance.

Now I have a little more “vacation” to get work done around the bunker.

I can feel the threads of the universe pulling at me, many possible threads forming a nexus with me at the center. There are so many possibilities now.

It’s exciting.

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  1. Sweetie pie permalink
    2016-01-01T10:48:23+00:00 10:48

    Now THAT is a new beginning!


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