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I minded my own business


Today I witnessed a man behaving belligerently toward other drivers in the drive-through lane at a fast food restaurant. He threatened the man ahead of him because the man was talking on his cellphone. He threatened a teenager who was walking in from the parking lot. The teen turned and walked back to his car. The belligerent man got out of his vehicle and yelled at the teen to get out of the car. The teenager wisely drove away. The belligerent man followed him in his own vehicle, after his passenger got out (no doubt wishing to avoid any ensuing violence). I do not know what happened after that, but I saw the belligerent man driving back toward the restaurant a few minutes later, so presumably his victim-of-the-moment eluded him.

Clearly the belligerent man had serious anger issues. He was bound and determined to pick a fight with anyone and everyone.

I minded my own business. I was glad that he did not turn his attention toward me, because I was not in a kindly mood. Had he insisted on taking issue with me, I would have had to kill him, and that would have created an annoying court case. So in a way, he is still breathing because he did not notice me.

It was a good day for both of us, then.

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