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The nightmares are a clue to wake up


Ever since my inception date, I have had nightmares when I sleep too long. In gravity, my body also starts to hurt if I sleep too long. But usually the nightmares are the signal to wake up.

It’s always one of those long, circuitous, involved dreams that lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. What starts out as a normal, innocuous situation in the dream, slowly becomes weirder and weirder, until it’s so bizarre and frightening that I have to wake up. Often, I am fighting in zero gravity, using weapons that are ineffective against my enemies. Or, I am trapped in a situation that becomes awkward, then uncomfortable, then dangerous.

Lately, the nightmares are accompanies by headaches. Sometimes in my left head, other times in my right. The headaches seem to be related to barometric pressure changes, as well as to dehydration.

I need to drink more water before I sleep. That will fix the headaches, I hope. Sadly, nothing will fix the nightmares, except sleeping less.

Okay, I will sleep less.

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