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She’s not coming back, part 2


An acquaintance decided that, after his wife left him last year, that he preferred life with her rather than without her. So at first, he tried to force her to rent a place near him, so that when his lease was up, he could move in with her. (He is a bully, and that is one of the reasons she left him.) She refused to comply, and rented a place in a different town nearby, a town which he swore he would not live in because it was too far from his work.

Apparently he changed his mind, because he decided to move in with her anyway. To my surprise, she let him. I made a bet with darling wife that it would last two months, perhaps three, before she kicked him out.

It lasted three days. Allegedly he left of his own accord, and is staying with friends in a town 50 kilometers away. It would not surprise me if she kicked him out, though, because basically he just wants a babysitter to watch the children, while he goes out and does what he wants. He has not learned anything in the year since his wife left him, and has done nothing to change his ways.

All his belongings are still in her house, though, so he will have to go retrieve them at some point.

I am not going to help. He created his own problems, and I’m not going to make it any easier for him.

  1. 2015-10-21T09:53:39-04:00 09:53

    Why in the world would she let him move in with her, if she knew about his personality?!?


    • 2015-10-21T22:08:34-04:00 22:08

      That is a most excellent question. I think they both want things to work, but they are both ill-equipped to make it work, especially him. In today’s terms, this would be called a “starter marriage.” I don’t believe in starter marriages, yet they seem to exist anyway.Until the participants get divorced, that is.


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