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She’s a piggy housekeeper, part 2


The widow of our friend who died of brain cancer is selling the house and moving to a gated community. We already know this will be a disaster. She planned poorly, and wound up with nowhere to live between the time she sold her old house and the time she moved into her new house.

We went over to her old house on the next-to-last day of her residence there, to pick up some plants. The movers were coming the next day, but her house was in no shape to be moved. Perhaps half of the furniture had already been moved into storage, but the other half was still there. Some of it was wrapped in plastic. Quite a lot of stuff was still sitting out, though, unboxed and unready for moving.

We shrugged and took the plants and left. Presumably her movers showed up, told her she was not ready, and left again. We’re not going to ask her what happened, though, because it’s not our problem. She’ll need to figure out a way to get the rest of the stuff out of the house. Or she’ll just leave it there for the new owners to deal with, while she goes and lives with relatives until her new house is ready.

Her new homeowner’s association will start assessing fines against her when they see how messy she is. But that’s in her future, and we are in her past.

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