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A short vacation


So we went and sat on a different shore, and looked at a different poisonous sea for a change. It was much cleaner than I expected; only a smattering of moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) dotted the beach every day, and there was almost no trash, and absolutely no Portuguese man-o-war (Physalia physalis).

Because I rise very early (and often stay up late at night), I decided that I like facing eastward to see the sun rise over the ocean, rather than facing westward to watch the sun set. Sunset is rather boring. Sunrise is exciting. Different colors, I think. Plus it seems to happen more rapidly than sunset.

Darling wife is fiddling with the math of buying such a place on the eastern coast. I am hoping she forgets about it. We have enough to do maintaining our jungle bunker. We don’t need another place to worry about.

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