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Three promising new shows


Darling wife is the TV maven, not me. Television is brain-rotting tripe, in my opinion. But she has started recording three new shows which aren’t bad.

  • Minority Report is a continuation where the Tom Cruise movie left off. The PreCognitive psychic triplets are grown now, and at least one of them has returned to the city to help solve crimes. The cast does not keep me interested, but police work in the future does.
  • Rosewood is combination of police procedural and pathology procedural. If Morris Chestnut doesn’t get annoyingly know-it-all a la The Mentalist, it might survive its first season. It was nice to see Anthony Michael Hall as a police detective. Jaina Lee Ortiz is feisty and physical as the lead detective.
  • Blindspot is another police procedural where the protagonist is an ex-Special Forces soldier whom someone has drugged, wiped her memory and tattooed a crazy quilt map of clues all over her body. She tags along with the FBI team who’s been assigned to her case, and winds up solving (and/or preventing) crimes.

Keep in mind that if I like something, it will be canceled. So I’m not going to like these too much, unless they annoy me (as the LGBT propaganda in Rosewood already does), in which case I will focus on liking them enough to get them canceled.

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