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Short-timer’s disease


When a worker has only a few days left on the job, it usually results in “short-timer’s disease.” This manifests as a distinct lack of concern about what happens after the worker’s last day on the job.

I have a bad case of it, unfortunately. My current project has me rolling off in two days, while other comrades will stay for some time after. It was my job to set the stage and get everyone moving. Now I will move on, and let my comrades finish up.

We have technical problems and long-term issues that aren’t going to get fixed while I’m here. I’ve done my best to keep my comrades informed about those issues.

But after Friday, I don’t care what happens. I am disappointed in myself for that. But I blame the disease. Short-timer’s disease. It’s not my fault. I’m a victim.

That doesn’t sound very convincing, does it? Probably because I don’t believe it myself. My behavior is my own responsibility. So I will keep doing the best I can through Friday, and then help my comrades behind the scenes if they have questions later. It’s my duty to my comrades to help them, if not to help the customer, after my end date.

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