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We both saw the ghost


This planet’s atmosphere is difficult to breathe sometimes, even after all my adaptive surgery to enable me to live here. So I was sitting up the other night, trying to forget about breathing, and I saw something tall, thin and white flit past the darkened doorway into the next room.

I knew what it was, because I’ve seen things like it before. Humans call them ghosts. They’re actually life forms that are just not perceivable by normal human senses, because they exist almost entirely in a different set of dimensions. They occupy the same “space” that humans do, but rarely do those planes of existence intersect. When they do intersect, however, electromagnetic sensors can detect the presence of “ghosts.” And most animals have heightened electromagnetic senses, so they can usually feel their presence too.

Anyway, ghosts can’t hurt you, because they can’t touch you, nor you them. You can see and hear each other, and that’s about it. (Poltergeists are manifestations of human psychokinetic abilities; they are not ghosts. Poltergeist activity CAN hurt you, but you can stop it by sedating and treating the human who is generating it.) To ghosts, humans look like spectres too, half-seen and -heard, and probably just as scary as humans think ghosts are.

I knew the ghost that I saw was just passing through, so I ignored it. I didn’t even bother to get up and go look for it, because I knew I would not find it. Usually the interface point between “reality” and the ghost’s reality only lasts for a few seconds, so by the time I got up and followed it into the other room, the interface point would have closed.

I fell asleep after that.

The next day, I asked darling wife about it. It turns out that she has seen it too. It came into the bedroom a few months ago and stood there, looking at her. She told it to go away, and it did. But this worries me, because if she’s seen this one before (I described it, and the descriptions matched), it means that it’s hanging around here, and it can be an annoyance. We wondered if it was someone we knew. We checked the obituaries for tall people we know, and none of them have died. So this one is either someone from further back in the past who wants to check on us, or it’s someone we don’t know at all, who is instead merely existing in the same space that we are.

I’ll have to keep some eyes out for it. Perhaps I can find out who it is and what it wants.

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