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TNT should renew “Proof”


One of the only television shows I watched regularly this past season was TNT’s “Proof,” starring Jennifer Beals, about a surgeon who is hired by a dying billionaire to investigate life after death. It’s one of the best dramas out there, in my opinion. They gave a fairly good representation of the research that’s been done, and of the experiences typical people have when they die. It’s a well-written show; not religious, not preachy, not overly skeptical. It’s about a scientist trying to investigate the unknown and the unknowable objectively, even as her own experiences with death make it very difficult to be objective.

Jennifer Beals is a strong actress, capable of a wide range of emotional expression. She tends to play “bossy” women, but she’s good at it, as she is in this series. The rest of the cast is also strong. The only weak character is Beals’ TV husband, played by David Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe is an experienced actor who’s worked steadily for 20 years, with several long-term series under his belt, so I attribute his character’s two-note performance(devotion to his wife versus contempt for her investigation into death) to weak writing, not poor acting.

It’s nice to see Callum Blue from “Dead Like Me,” and Annie Thurman gives a nuanced, sensitive portrayal of a teenager, which is a nice change from the broadly-played teenage characters on other shows.

TNT should renew “Proof.” Will they?

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