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So nearly 70 percent of the findings published in psychology experiments cannot be replicated. I think that’s funny.

I’m not one to suggest that the United States should emulate Canada in anything, but I think the Canadian penchant for insisting that companies prove that a Canadian worker is not available, before they can hire a foreign worker to fill a job, is a good idea. Because the H1-B visa program is clearly being abused by US corporations (such as Disney, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others) to hire foreign workers to replace US workers. I think the H1-B program should be ended completely. Or, charge the companies a stiff fee for every H1-B visa they apply for, and if the visa is denied or unfilled, they lose the application fee. That would help reduce abuses of the system. But I think it might be best to follow Canada’s onerous bureaucracy, in this one instance. Make the company prove that there are no domestic workers who can do the job that the foreign worker can. In Canada, for some specialties, it’s not that hard to do. ;-) In the US, I think it would be.

Thank goodness at least one federal judge had the courage to block the EPA’s latest power grab, the 2015 reinterpretation of the 40-year-old “Clean Water Act,” which would give the federal government more power to regulate “small waterways” like a stream or pond in your yard. Big government is a major problem, and the EPA is a significant part of that problem. It needs to be reined in, not given free rein to impose its bureaucratic whims.

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