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The cult of climate change


I thought this essay made some very good points about climate change activists behaving as a religious cult, although I think the author misunderstands Archimedes’ principle.

I just think it’s a good thing that the climate change activists weren’t around 12,000 years ago, when the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska became submerged. They would have complained endlessly about the impending apocalypse, and would have demanded government funding to build dikes to hold back the water, build a bridge over the water, or operate a ferry across the new Bering Strait. How lucky are we to live in modern times, when activists merely demand that everyone stop burning fossil fuels so that the evil carbon dioxide doesn’t melt the ice and make the sea levels rise. As if causality has been even remotely established (it has not).

I think climate change activists should take a more proactive step toward combating evil carbon dioxide, and simply avoid exhaling. That would also mean they would stop whining. Everyone wins.

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