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Ashley Madison hack reveals most “women” on the site are fake


I’ve been reading about the hacker group “Impact Team” ‘s attack on the Ashley Madison website, after the CEO of Avid Life Media, Noel Biderman, boasted repeatedly about the site’s security. The Canadian company’s tagline for the website is “Life is short. Have an affair.”

But what is very interesting is that most of the “women” registered on are fake. They were created by Avid Life Media employees, and they have little or no user activity.

So of all those hundreds of thousands of men who were paying for membership so they could cheat on their wives, most of them never actually got to have an affair with a woman on the site, because the women on the site weren’t real.

I think that’s very funny.

  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2015-08-27T11:56:07-04:00 11:56

    What I don’t understand is that people seem to think that other dating sites like Match, Plentyoffish or eHarmony do not have married people simply because they promote dating. Those sites have members that are also married and looking for an affair, they are just smart enough to NOT register on a website that promotes cheating. To me, the Ashley Madison registrants are just dumb to have subscribed in the first place, and the husbands and wives carry on, probably for cheaper too.


    • 2015-08-28T08:39:49-04:00 08:39

      I agree. If Ashley Madison was running a scam (as it appears), then I think “good for them.” One criminal taking advantage of another is poetic justice. The Ashley Madison subscribers are like drug dealers. If someone robs you during a deal, who are you going to call for help? Not the police. So could rob its subscribers freely.


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