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The California liberal’s hallucination of an improving economy


In Los Angeles, I heard a locally-produced, laughable statement during the newscast on National Public Radio today, touting California’s success in creating jobs and lowering unemployment.

If you are a liberal who only listens to NPR, you would not question the statement made on the Los Angeles radio. But if you get your news from anywhere else, even from another liberal source like the Los Angeles Times, you would know that the “good news” on jobs in California is a lie. More and more people in California are dropping out of the workforce and no longer looking for work. Some are leaving the state. Avoiding counting these people makes the media’s unemployment number, the U-3, look great. But the REAL unemployment rate is the U-6, which includes those people who are discouraged workers (no longer looking for work), “marginally-attached workers” (unemployed but looking for work) and people who are working part-time because there is no full-time work available.

California’s current U-3 is 6.8 percent. But California’s U-6 is 14.0 percent, among the highest of all the states. In Los Angeles County, the U-6 is 16.0 percent, the highest in the nation.

Liberals who listen to NPR would not know that, and even they did, they wouldn’t care. Because they want to believe things are getting better, even though they’re not.

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