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“Child 44” and #BlackLivesMatter


“Child 44” is a 2008 book, the first in a trilogy by Tom Rob Smith. It follows Leo Demidov, a World War II hero who now works for the Soviet Ministry of State Security (the MGB, which used to be the Cheka before it became the NKVD and later the KGB and finally the FSB today). Demidov becomes disillusioned with his work torturing and killing “enemies of the state” in 1953 Stalinist Russia, and instead seeks to catch a serial killer who preys on children. The problem is, Comrade Stalin says that “there is no murder in paradise,” and therefore each time a child is murdered, the MGB rounds up the usual suspects, tortures a confession from one of them and then executes him, case closed. Therefore such a serial killer cannot exist, and if one does, it throws the judgment of the MGB into doubt. Political intrigue within the agency gets Demidov banished to a grungy factory town, where he continues his search for the serial killer.

The book is a well-written, gripping account of life and death in Stalinist Russia. The 2015 movie does a good job of capturing that on film, and is an excellent case study of the terror under which Soviet citizens lived and died as victims of the totalitarian Soviet state.

2015 has also seen a summer of discontent, as #BlackLivesMatter activists blame police for killing black criminals even as those same activists ignore the holocaust that black people inflict upon each other with violent crime and abortion. It’s perfectly okay for blacks to kill each other, and it’s okay for blacks to kill people of other races, the activists say, but it’s not okay for people of other races to kill black people. As a result, the police are much more hesitant to confront black criminals for fear of sparking more riots (this is called the “Ferguson effect”), and violent crime in black areas is growing by leaps and bounds.

I think all people of all races should read and/or watch “Child 44.” When you see the unending terror that was Stalinist Russia (and which is North Korea today, the last Stalinist regime on the planet), you will realize that #BlackLivesMatter activists have absolutely no idea of how good life is for black people in the United States. Today, blacks need only to imagine an insult or a grievance, and they can run to the nearest television camera and make government officials quake with fear. In Stalinist Russia, you could be accused of a crime against the state without any proof; you could be tortured until you gave up the names of your alleged accomplices; you could be executed without a trial. Then the police would go round up the people you named, torture more names out of them, execute them, and so on, in an ever-widening circle of fear and violence.

#BlackLivesMatter looks pretty stupid when you realize that compared to Stalinist Russia, black people in the United States today DO live in paradise. So I’m going to continue to carry my weapons in the event of black violence, and I’m going to ignore anything else black activists have to say. Because the silence of the 50 million people who were murdered during Stalin’s regime speaks louder from the grave than any number of howling, grievance-mongering black activists on television today.

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