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A bargain that I’m not sure what to do with


I found a 3rd-generation Kindle Fire, brand new in the box, at the thrift store the other day, for $30. I bought it immediately. Clearly someone had received it as a gift, didn’t want it, and donated it. That’s an expensive gift to get rid of like that, but rich spoiled people abound, and I am the beneficiary of their skewed value system. I have been wanting to tinker with a tablet, but have been unwilling to pay for one since they’re usually overpriced for the limited functionality they offer. Sure, children love them, but they do stupid things with tablets, like social media. I have more mundane, practical needs that require quicker data entry and more processing power, and so a frilly tablet doesn’t really fit the bill.

But now that I have a pretty, frilly tablet, I’m not sure what to do with it. It runs the Fire OS, which is a Linux-based branch of the Android operating system, but it is not Android. Although Fire has an app store, not all Android apps are there, especially a few that I like and use. So that’s disappointing.

Then again, I can use the Fire for what a lot of people use tablets for: looking up IMDB while watching TV, or just watching TV on the device itself. The Fire, owned by Amazon, comes pre-set-up to be an Amazon shopping portal, which I find to be offensive. Thanks, but no thanks, and I wiped all those apps. I will continue to order online from my computer terminal, which is quicker to use and is already configured the way I like it.

We’ll see what other uses I find for the tablet.

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