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Disable your car’s wireless before hackers disable your car


An interesting article in Wired points out that most new automobiles have wireless capability without any protection, so that hackers can take control of the vehicle. It’s not such a problem if it’s wi-fi only, but with more cars having cellular capability also, hackers can now take control of those vehicles from anywhere.

This means that assassins don’t even have to get off the couch to earn their keep. They can just steer their target’s car into a bridge abutment. Or bored “script kiddies” can decide, on the spur of the moment, to disable every car in their city or state, causing massive carnage on the roadways and paralyzing whole cities.

The more automobiles get “improved” with such things as wireless, the more I like my old vehicles. They are more solidly built, faster, and wonderfully unencumbered by such life-threatening features as wireless. If anyone’s going to steer my vehicle into a bridge abutment, it’s going to be me, no one else.

Remember, safe driving begins with you disabling your car’s wireless system.

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