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Gawker proves its liberal bias


Gawker, a gossip website that I don’t read, apparently ran a story which exposed the efforts of Chief Financial Officer of liberal magazine publishing company Condé Nast, David Geithner, to hire a gay porn star for sex in a Chicago hotel. Geithner is married to a woman, and they have three children. (I wrote about one of Condé Nast’s publications, Architectural Digest, awhile ago.)

After liberal Democrat “elites” brought pressure to bear on GawkerGawker’s leadership voted to remove the Geithner story from its website.

As a result, two senior Gawker editors resigned in protest today. As well they should. Who would want to pretend to be a journalist at an organization which so obviously values its liberal, Democrat, LGBT “street credibility” more than the truthfulness and newsworthiness of a story?

If David Geithner was a conservative, you can bet money that the story would have been posted and would have stayed posted, regardless of any amount of protest from anyone. And the media would have run with the story, and would have trumpeted it for weeks and weeks. Instead, because Geithner is most assuredly a liberal Democrat and a figure in the liberal media (and gay, obviously), Gawker chose to retract the story.

I hope more Gawker staffers resign. Gawker clearly doesn’t care about news, just about who its friends are in the liberal power structure. Although most Gawker staffers are assuredly liberal Democrats and/or Communists, the ones who actually care about writing a newsworthy story would do well to seek other employment, because their efforts will be wasted at Gawker.

Interestingly, David Geithner is the brother of ex-US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who famously failed to pay his federal income taxes, and yet still managed to get himself appointed to the highest financial office in the nation in the Obama administration. He then used that position to bail out the bankers and Wall Street barons who helped cause the Great Recession of 2008. He was then rewarded for his protection by being hired as president of Warburg Pincus, a major Wall Street private equity firm.

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