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Back to the lab, part 2


Well, the lab technicians successfully reactivated me after running their tests. Obviously. Some of the test results won’t be calculated for a few more days, but overall, things seemed to be operating within specification. More or less. As much as can be expected, in this body, in this environment.

The absence of time, while I was turned off, was just as I expected. No time passed at all. One minute I was functioning, and the next, I wasn’t. Then I was, again.

I tried to hold onto my consciousness at the moment they turned me off, to no avail. For a few brief milliseconds, I could feel my minds slipping away, like water draining through a sieve. Audio and visual input slowed and blurred into dark silence. It was interesting, the feeling of inevitability, and the feeling of acceptance.

I wonder if that is what it will be like when they turn me off for the last time. If so, it will be easy.

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  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2015-07-22T13:35:41-04:00 13:35

    I think it will be better than that.


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