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Writer’s block


I am between missions right now, and it’s boring. I sit in my bunker and I plan for future missions which may or may not materialize.

I’m an executor, not a planner. Or at least that’s what I like to do, is execute. I don’t mind coming up with a plan, or editing a plan, but after a point, it’s time to stop playing “what if” and just go do it. No battle plan survives contact with the enemy, that’s true, but it’s natural to want to see how the plan turns out.

So since I’m in my bunker, planning, I have little to write about. It’s annoying, because usually I have something to say about something. Not lately, though.

  • The nuclear arms “agreement” with Iran? Surrender, capitulation, Neville Chamberlain, “peace in our time” and all that. Dear Leader trumpets it as a success, and it is. For the Iranians. They get to keep developing nuclear weapons, free of international inspections (unless the Iranians allow an inspection on their own terms), and they get their economic sanctions lifted. Plus they can remain committed to the destruction of Israel. Because Dear Leader and his minions campaigned endlessly on the Iranians’ behalf. Just another proof that Dear Leader’s sympathies lie with Muslim terrorists, not with the United States or its population of non-Muslims.
  • Planned Parenthood selling fetal body parts? Par for the course, for the liberals’ favorite eugenics program. Never mind that selling or trafficking in human parts is a federal offense.
  • Last-minute agreement to keep bailing out Greece? It’s just postponing the inevitable Grexit. And it has to be ratified by both the German and Greek parliaments. I hope it won’t, but Europeans aren’t that bright, so the chances are quite good they’ll ratify it. And we’ll get to enjoy another Greek crisis in six months. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Pluto is bigger than the humans thought? Wait til they spot what else is lurking in the Kuiper Belt. Well, they won’t, actually, because the Martian Empire won’t let them. Will the boffins admit that Pluto is a planet after all, since it’s larger than they thought? Certainly not after all the hoopla they raised by declaring that Pluto isn’t a planet. That would be embarrassing.

It’s easy to have an opinion on the news. It’s more difficult to ruminate on something meaningful, when nothing meaningful is actually happening.

Back to mission planning.

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