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Feline Alzheimer’s disease


One of our cats is getting old. And he’s getting forgetful. He forgets to eat. I think it’s feline Alzheimer’s disease.

We’ll put food in front of him, and entice him to eat. He’ll eat for a bit, and then he’ll forget what he was doing and he wanders away. His teeth are fine. His blood values are fine. There’s nothing the mechanics can identify as being wrong with him. But he just doesn’t eat anymore. Sometimes we inject him with steroids and vitamins to kickstart his appetite. But they seem to have little effect now.

It helps if we stand over him and rub him and pet him. It seems to keep him focused. But the minute we stop, he wanders away. We heat his food a little, make it soupy, rotate his food choices each day. It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference anymore. He’s just not interested.

Darling wife is upset, because she has worked hard to socialize this once-feral cat. It’s only been in the last couple of years that he’s allowed her to touch him and pet him. He’ll let me do it too, but I usually have to corner him to do it.

The end is near for him, I think. He’s losing weight, and a cat can only do that up to a point. I’m not unhappy, because he’s always a been a problem. But darling wife is sad to see him go. And it makes me sad to see her sad.

Hopefully he’ll go quickly.

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