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“Gun Free Zone” means “Easy Targets Here”


The noted statistician John R. Lott points out again that putting up a “gun free zone” sign is an invitation for killers to target the people there, because they are defenseless. The vast majority of mass shootings occur in allegedly “gun free zones”. The media will never report that, though, because it runs counter to their desire to take guns away from everyone. (Except from the criminals. It’s a given that criminals will not surrender their weapons. Gun-banners never understand that, though. Nor do they really care, because in essence, they are pro-criminal.)

I usually walk right into a “gun free zone” with my concealed weapons. I’m comfortable knowing that (probably) no one else there has a weapon, so I am that much safer. And what the owner of that “gun free zone” doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt him.

But if I am attacked in a “gun free zone,” I can do something about it. Certainly no one else will.

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