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Leave the past in the past


I have been told by many people who have been hurt, “leave the past in the past.” They were hurt by ex-friends, ex-lovers, ex-people of all kinds. And that is the conclusion that each of them drew, was that it would have been better just to leave the people from their past alone.

Charlie Enice Brooks, a wife and mother from Colorado, found that out the hard way when she flew from Colorado to Florida to meet up with an ex-boyfriend, Joseph Krymowski-Pope. Two days later she was dead. Krymowski-Pope killed her by smashing her head with a rock, then dumping her body in a canal. Police immediately suspected him, and he knew it, so he shot himself to death.

Police do not know why he killed her. The answer died with him. But it reinforces what I’ve learned from talking with and from watching other people.

Leave the past in the past. Because if you don’t, it can kill you.

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