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Racist loses post at racist organization for lying about her race


I thought it was interesting that Rachel Dolezal, a racist activist who was the chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Spokane, Washington, was in fact a white woman who was pretending to be black. She had been an anti-white protestor since her college days at Howard University (a mostly black college). Since then, she had married a black man, and had fabricated numerous claims of receiving hate mail and threats because of her anti-white views. When it became known that she was not black, she resigned from her NAACP post, cutting short a campaign by some NAACP members to force her to resign.

I think it’s more interesting that no one is asking the following question of the NAACP:

  • How many non-black people hold positions within the NAACP, and what are their races? Although the NAACP was founded by white liberals in 1909, I do not think that very many, if any, people who are not black now hold positions of authority within the NAACP.
  • Would Dolezal ever have attained a position of authority within the NAACP as a white woman? Did she have to be “black” (or “blackish”) to be considered for such a position?

I think these questions are not asked because the NAACP is racist. The very name of the organization indicates its racist focus. The National Association for the Advancement of White People actually exists, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (a racist hate group) has labeled the NAAWP a racist hate group. So how is the NAACP not racist?

Answer: the NAACP is racist, though no one dares to say it. And the NAACP would never have allowed Rachel Dolezal to hold a position of authority if it had known that she was white.

I do not think the arena of racist politics has seen the last of Rachel Dolezal, though. Presumably she will continue agitating in some capacity, for some racist anti-white group. Maybe even for the NAACP, after the furor has died down and the media is no longer paying attention.

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