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Are the Tony Awards still around?


Last year we drove down the Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, New York City. We were there to see the place before it gets destroyed by a nuclear weapon in 2018. It was crowded and dirty, but everyone we met was very nice. That was strange, because most people from New York and New Jersey are horrible when they’re tourists in the jungle. But in their concrete maze, they are happy rats. Polite, even.

We drove past a clump of police officers, police vehicles, and a traffic jam of limousines. We saw bright lights and flashbulbs, and well-dressed people walking into Radio City Music Hall. West 50th Street next to the building was crammed solid with limousines.

We asked what the commotion was about. “The Tony Awards,” said a fellow passenger, amazed at our ignorance.

The Tony Awards are for theatre, mainly Broadway (Manhattan) theatre. So basically the Tony Awards are a local event. That’s why we were unfamiliar with it. Very few people outside of New York City care about the Tony Awards. But Manhattanites care. At Times Square a few blocks away, they blocked off the street and put up a huge television screen. Tens of thousands of people crowded into Times Square that night to watch the Tony Awards being held a few blocks north. It was bedlam. We watched for a few minutes and then left, because we don’t care about theatre.

Apparently the 2015 Tony Awards ceremony was held last night. Fewer people than last year cared: the television ratings for the Tony Awards were down 25 percent from last year.

I wouldn’t know or care about the Tony Awards. I was watching the Stanley Cup hockey game. That’s what’s important.

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