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The subtext says “Goodbye”


Friends of ours bought a yacht, and are making the Great Loop around the eastern United States. The wife wanted to “create memories.” The husband was not at all keen on the whole idea, and together they have suffered greatly on their trip (illness, damage to their boat, huge expenses).

They write about their exploits. Darling wife reads it and gives me the Cliff’s Notes.

Recently our friends held a multi-day “open boat” for all their friends and family to visit. Everyone from the surrounding states came, people they had known for many decades.

Darling wife read our friends’ description of the event. She said, “they’re saying goodbye to everyone.” That would explain the wife’s desire for a big boat trip, to create memories. She knows she’s sick and dying, though she has not said anything to anyone about it.

That’s too bad. We like her. But all things come to an end.

And no one gets out alive.

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