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You must accept yourself for who you are


I saw the cover of Vanity Fair magazine (circulation 1.2 million in 2014, a publication of Condé Nast, aimed at wealthy middle-aged white women who vote Democrat). It had a picture of Bruce Jenner on it, dressed as a woman. The headline says “Call me Caitlyn”.

Poor Bruce Jenner. He is a male who is dissatisfied with himself. He thinks it will make his life better if he dresses like a woman and calls himself a woman. Condé Nast, like the rest of the lamestream liberal media, gladly promotes him in their continued effort to program the populace to accept transvestite and transgender people. But really what Condé Nast is saying is that you have to accept yourself as you are, not as you want to be. Bruce Jenner is proof. Trying so hard to change himself from a man into a woman, and failing (because he is still a man, both physiologically and genetically), Jenner and Condé Nast are illustrating the pain that results when you refuse to accept yourself for who you are. “Call me Caitlyn,” says Jenner. But that’s not who he is. Undergoing plastic surgery and putting on makeup and insisting that people call him by a woman’s name does not make him a woman. It makes him a man who won’t accept himself the way he is.

“Caitlyn” does not exist. Bruce Jenner still exists, in a sad and forlorn way. Instead of being an aging male athlete, he now wants to pretend that he is an aging female. He can pretend all he likes. But it doesn’t change anything. He is still a man who won’t accept the fact that he is a man. And his pain will continue until he accepts himself for who he is. There’s no surgery, no glossy magazine covers, no amount of media propaganda that can alter that fact.

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