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Why some humans live to be so old


I saw an interesting article which looked at a dozen or more humans who had lived to be more than 100 years old. Most of the interviews were from the 1990s and 2000s, because today many people live to be 118 years old (primarily in the United States, and they are called supercentenarians, versus the run-of-the-mill centenarians who merely pass 100), but they hold the title of “oldest human” for only a few days before they die. So there’s not enough time to interview them before they lose the title – and their life.

Most of the interviewers in the article asked the supercentenarians for their guess as to why they had lived so long. Some said avoiding smoking or alcohol. Some said drinking natural milk when they were children, still warm from the source animal. Most had no real idea.

A Japanese supercentenarian said something interesting, though. She said that her time on this planet had been surprisingly short. This is largely because only new experiences stand out in the memory, and so if you have no new experiences, the time seems to go quite quickly.

Perhaps I need to experience some new things. Because time seems to pass very quickly for me.

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