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Copy lots of people, and blind-copy more


Darling wife, as head of a volunteer organization, is dealing with a bullying, hateful leader in another volunteer organization. The hateful leader (a female) has a few minions who protect her, but most people can’t stand her, including past leaders of that organization. HL has tried to exclude darling wife from the organization, even though it is impossible (and also illegal) to do so. HL’s minions have tried to exclude darling wife too, but darling wife refuses to comply. Instead, darling wife is insisting that all communication be backed up in writing. And when the HL and her minions send hateful emails, darling wife replies sweetly and politely.

And she copies everyone in her own organization.

And she blind-copies everyone in the other organization who is arrayed against HL and her minions.

The best way to correct a bully’s bad behavior is to make their bad behavior public. When they know they’re being watched, they tend to behave better. And when they find out that other people are also watching them (people they didn’t know were watching), they tend to behave better more quickly.

All of this reminds me of why I don’t get involved in volunteer organizations. If it’s important enough to be done, it’s important enough to be paid for it.

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