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Shuffling off to Buffalo


Friends of ours came over for a last meal together before they shuffle off to the northeast. They keep three or four houses, and they shuttle back and forth every year. It seems wasteful to me, especially because they are not wealthy enough to keep the houses in proper shape without renting them out in the seasons during which they are not there. I could not stand to rent out my living space to someone else. My space is my own, and there are many fragile and/or dangerous things in my space. I like to keep them intact, which means that I would not be able to rent out my space. Besides, humans are so dirty, shedding skin cells and hair everywhere they go. It turns my stomachs to think about it.

[I recently heard about a story where an Airbnb renter found out that the lessee of his rented apartment had died of a drug overdose. He found out via social media. Very strange.]

Anyway, our friends will not be back for awhile. Maybe we will see them up north this year, if we go visit.

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