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Many happy returns


An acquaintance has begun having “episodes.” That’s British for “heart attack.” It’s not his first encounter with such issues. He had some very large number of bypasses more than a decade ago, and he adopted a super-healthy lifestyle. So the last decade has been a gift, really. He has been living on borrowed time.

Now he’s having heart attacks again. Mechanics have had to resuscitate him at least three times. If he has any memory of what transpired while he was dead, he isn’t saying.

We visited him in the hospital and brought him a “get well” card. Darling wife asked me what we should write in it.

“Many happy returns,” I suggested, especially if the mechanics have to keep shocking him back to life. Darling wife thought that was tasteless. But when we told him we had considered writing it in the card, he laughed long and hard. He wished we had done it.

Oh well, at least he got the joke.

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  1. Sweetie pie permalink
    2015-05-23T10:21:10-04:00 10:21

    That’s funny! I once sent a card to my landlord that said:”Thanks a crap load!” after he fixed my malfunctioning toilet.


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