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Push where it gives, surrender where it doesn’t


I learned a valuable lesson many decades ago. Push where it gives, and surrender where it doesn’t. That is, if you seek a goal, pursue it until you are stopped at every turn. If you are stopped no matter where you turn, then there is no way forward. You must surrender to that reality, and alter your goal instead. You can call it surrendering to God’s will, or accepting that the universe has a different plan for you, or whatever you like to call it. But it is important to remember to surrender when surrender is required.

Recent events have reminded me of that lesson again. I will not go into detail because the details do not matter. But the lesson remains. The way forward sometimes becomes obvious by discovering where the way forward does NOT lie.

I am still pushing, because I have not exhausted all avenues. In my hearts, though, I am prepared to surrender. It is easier to surrender when you are prepared for it. Some might regard that as weak or fatalistic. I think it is best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That way, if the worst happens, you are ready to accept it. If the worst does NOT happen, then all other outcomes are (by definition) better, and it’s a nice surprise.

The worst has not happened yet. It may not happen at all. But if it does, I am ready for it.

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