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Don’t shoot the messenger, part 2


I gave a customer some bad news last week. To ease the pain, I worked up three scenarios:

  1. The one they wanted, which is not possible
  2. Another they didn’t want, which is better
  3. Another they wanted even less, which is best

As I spoke to them, it became clear that they had already contemplated the less-desirable scenarios, and they agreed with my conclusions. So that was a nice surprise.

I doubt they will want me to help them work toward any of their possible scenarios. I wished them luck, but said that if they stick with scenario 1, I would be happy to be left out of it, because no one volunteers for a kamikaze mission, especially me. They laughed.

I reminded them of three other things to know, regardless of what happens on their project:

  1. All’s well that ends.
  2. It’s just work.
  3. No one will die.

They appreciated that.

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